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Brand awareness is important for any, and every business. Vehicle branding graphics should be considered for every type of business – including yours. Using vehicle wraps for businesses creates brand continuity and gives you the chance to explain briefly what your business is all about. Imagine the hundreds or thousands of people you drive past on the roads, on any given day!

You should read on to understand more about what vehicle wraps are, and also why wrapping your business or personal vehicle is not only going to save you money in the long run – but make you money!


A vehicle wrap is made up of at least one layer of coloured film which can be stretched and conformed over the contours of a vehicle without any creasing. This film is applied over top of a car’s paint job and can be removed at a later date without any damage to your vehicle’s surface under the film. This can only be said about the best quality of vehicle wrap material and at Sticker Factory we stand by our decision to only use the best brands – such as 3M and Avery. Because we use these leading brands, we can tell you that your wrap could last up to 10 years!


Choosing to wrap your vehicle instead of painting it can save you literally thousands of dollars.

Not only will you end up with a vehicle that increases sales by capturing attention and advertising your business, it is also going to protect your underlying paint job. Thus, saving on costly paint chip repairs and re-spraying sun damaged paint etc. 

Choosing to fully wrap a leased vehicle is also a smart way to maintain the vehicle’s paint job, saving on hassles when your lease period ends.

We know that a top quality paint job on a full car can easily cost up to (and above) $10,000. However, a vehicle wrap for businesses using the best quality vinyl on the market will cost you only a fraction of that cost. Even then you have the option of removing it cleanly back to your original paint job. 

Choosing to wrap your vehicle will also save you time and money when it comes time to clean the vehicle. With no need to wax and polish over the wrap, you can simply hand wash with soap and water to bring it back to life. 

If you weren’t sold on the idea already, an amazing feature of Vinyl Wrap is its ability to self heal small imperfections like chips and light scratches!

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