Here at Sticker Factory, we are passionate about the New Zealand car scene. A few of the car products we enjoy creating are Window Banners, Slap Stickers and Racing Stripes. We understand that showing group unity amongst your car friends is important, just as it’s important to be unique and have a sense of style.

These items below are highly customisable and we encourage you to submit your designs to us using our contact form. You are able to choose colours, sizes and budget!

Window Banners

Window Banners are a great way to show that you belong to a car scene and are proud to be! For some time now, we have done window banners both in single quantities as well as in group lots for members to distribute amongst themselves. Let us know if you would like more Banners for new members or if you would like to start from scratch and create something new!

Slap Stickers

To put it simply, we love to make Slap Stickers fun and creative! We think it’s a great way for you to show humour and a sense of uniqueness on your car. We do create our own, ever-changing line of Slap Stickers in designs which we think look great on all vehicle styles. However, we are happy to create unique stickers for you or your group if you have a design in mind!

Racing Stripes

Have you ever imagined how awesome your car would look with racing stripes? Well, why not choose Sticker Factory to create and apply them for you, just the way you want them! This low cost, low commitment add-on to your vehicle can create a serious enhancement to it’s appearance.